Frequently Asked Questions

What is GNU?

GNU Project is the given name to the Free Software movement that initiated at 1983 by Richard M. Stallman. It is unknown why name of an animal (GNU) is chosen as project name. However, the project's symbol is animal's itself and the project is associated with this symbol all around the world. 'Is GNU an acronym?' question is answered by Stallman as 'GNU is Not Unix' during an interview.

What is ITU Software Freedom Club?

ITU Software Freedom Club (ITUGnu), as name suggests, is a student club which continues activities under the roof of Istanbul Technical University. Its mission is spreading Free Software Philosophy, encourage and make people understand Free Software usage throughout Turkey, starting from ITU. In this context, we arrange lectures and seminars about programming languages and free technologies during semester.

Do we have to be a member of ITU to join activities?

No, you don't have to. Even though ITU students and personal have higher priority, every member of our club can participate activities and lectures. Also it is not required to be a member of ITU to be a member of our club. You can reach registration page via Facebook link at the bottom of page. To be an official member, you can register with registration form at our website so that, we can add you to our mail groups by using e-mail address you gave.

Are your lectures paid?

No, they are not. None of our members and instructors gain money from our activities and lectures. Our members and administrative body, who adopted Freedom of Information as motto, provide these lectures and services. However, if our members want to support us, we suggest them to make donations to charities such as TEMA and animal shelters so that, all of us can be useful to society and humanity.

Can I use an operating system other than a GNU/Linux distribution?

It is forbidden to use computers with proprietary operating systems. Any computer with W*ndows will not be accepted and supported. Status of macOS is undecided among free software communities since it is a UNIX-like operating system and uses free software behind the scenes. Therefore, you can use a computer with macOS currently. However, we cannot provide a healthy support for macOS. Therefore, it will be better for you to use a GNU/Linux distribution even it is installed in a virtual environment.

I don't know how to install a GNU/Linux distribution. What should I do?

If you contact any of our members or instructors, we can provide you personal support regarding this subject.

Should we bring our own computers to lectures?

Yes. Our lectures are done in classrooms and lecture halls, not in computer laboratories. Therefore, you must bring your own computers. If you don't own a laptop or cannot bring it for another problem, please contact us.

Can I participate more than one lecture?

As long as there is no time conflict and you are accepted, you can join any lecture.

Is there any attendence obligation?

Yes. There is a strict attendance obligation for our lectures. If you do not attend lectures without reason, you will be blacklisted and you will not be accepted to any ongoing lectures. Also, we will contact other student clubs and do anything we can so that you will not be accepted to their activities :).

Can I come and listen lectures even if I am not accepted?

No. We accept people for lectures depending on class capacity and instructor preference. Therefore, we cannot exceed this quota.

Are password and cypher the same? Why you stress people?

No, they are not. Password and cypher are unreleated two terms. Password is password, cypher is cypher. Do not drive people nuts! Even if cypher is used for password everywhere, it does not give you right to make this mistake.

How can I be certain about security of my personal information that I gave during registration?

None of the information taken during registration is shared to third party service providers. Also your information is not kept in any backup servers. Even your password is encrypted so that we cannot read it.